VisibEL is a tangible map of Sweden modelling the electricity production. There are cities, placeable power plants and factories that can be connected to the power grid. It is an educational game which is based on scenarios. The main users are children between the ages of nine and twelve. By playing this game, children can learn about different types of power plants, how much energy they produce and how much they cost to build and run...
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Sunday, 31 January 2010

one more quick thought - Interactive Globe

Y'day night I was dreaming about Globe. :)
So I got some funny idea about making some interesting thing for kids. Can't we make some interactive globe for kids. Like when they touch one country they can see detail of selected country on a screen. This just quick thought. May be we can have more function. Kids can play and learn at the same time...


  1. A touch globe. I like it!

    Wouldn't it be cool with a "globe screen" so you could play animations showing the continents drifting over time, or change planet to show Jupiter instead.

    Maybe two or more projectors inside a milky white globe with lenses to stretch the projected image out. (Sounds complicated and expensive I know)

  2. Like:


  3. Sounds great! I like it, pressing or touching different parts of the world,provides information about that part of the world, more on the visual and audio level.