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Friday, 29 January 2010

Quick thought

Interactive "black boards" are seeing their way into schools. Maybe we could find an interesting use for them.


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  2. I had a research on this area during ubicomp project last term. There are some similar product are already in market. Check
    1. Smartboard ( and

    2. Interactive board- (

  3. Very interesting! But this IWB seems to be more of an extension of the computer, a touch screen. Its the feeling I get from it, not an artifact in its own right. So what do you expect from it?

    But this brings something very interesting to the table, should what we make be something the whole class takes part of? Like the whiteboard, one person is interacting with the artifact and everyone else is watching. Learning by seeing what the one student is doing.

    Nice work, yet again we have a new "view point"!

  4. Yes it's true that it's just a big fat touch screen, and that's not so exciting. But I like the idea of cooperation. Maybe one should spin it around and project an image on the floor and add artifacts on the floor to add controls.

    Sounds like a large size version of a Morten Fjord project now that I come to think of it...

  5. I mean Morten Fjeld of course

  6. Still interesting to play around with!

  7. I have a little experience of using the smart board in Swedish lectures. It is not that easy to use as Youtube showed. There's always has problem on using projector(find the exactly the point fingure placed).
    There's a project from last year this course by using projector to locate the point people is standing at.

  8. Sound interesting.
    As I said my ubicomp project also used this theory. There were lots of problem, we had faced while we were doing that..

    Let's talk about this tomorrow.