VisibEL is a tangible map of Sweden modelling the electricity production. There are cities, placeable power plants and factories that can be connected to the power grid. It is an educational game which is based on scenarios. The main users are children between the ages of nine and twelve. By playing this game, children can learn about different types of power plants, how much energy they produce and how much they cost to build and run...
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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Map circuit

Here is a link to a almost finished circuit for the map. The circuit pdf will be updated to reflect the current status of the project.

Notes for the schematic:
  • The OP-AMP has the wrong part nr, we use OPA337 but I couldn't find that one in Eagle.
  • The relays also has a wrong part number.
  • The circuit does not show that the site connectors also should have +5 and GND connected to the (only the 1-wire data cable, OW)
  • The LCD display has the wrong part nr, but it follows the Hitachi HD44780 standard


  1. I think between DS2408 & R/2R DAC, we need 8 pull-up resistors for P0~P7 and Reset.(from DS2408 Datasheet) need to be discussed.