VisibEL is a tangible map of Sweden modelling the electricity production. There are cities, placeable power plants and factories that can be connected to the power grid. It is an educational game which is based on scenarios. The main users are children between the ages of nine and twelve. By playing this game, children can learn about different types of power plants, how much energy they produce and how much they cost to build and run...
Please visit our website and visit us at the exibition IDXPO at Lindholmen Science Park.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Super Busy

It's getting close to exhibition time and we are working hard to get everything ready. Right now we are doing "assembly line production" of all the power plant / factory phicons.

Also we need to get the map ready - attach the circuits for the three gauge meters, lcd display, bus relays and turn button. Also we need decide which attachment points belong to which bus and wire them up. On the top side of the map we need to visualize rivers, add the cities and do some more "beautification".

The software can now handle all the output and input (with the exception of the power grid connection cord that isn't detectable yet). There is still some programming required for the game logic but hopefully it'll be finished in time.

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  1. "Beautification", damn I miss designing and you guys! Looking forward to seeing your result!

    Cheers from Norwich in the UK,