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Monday, 8 February 2010

Interview (Eric 7y) - About computer

Name : Eric Malalatunga
Age : 7 years
School : one school in Bollnäs (grade 1)
Interview platform : Over the Skype video call
Extra : Eric has a own desktop computer with blue CPU and using it every single hours. I got some help from my cousin Jimutha to motivate him.

One day I called to him and asked what I want from he. So he got around one day to think and draw a picture. Next day when I had a Skype video call with him he explained like this.

The blue box is a computer box (I think he means CPU). It is having lotssss of lights. Specially purple and green. There are four small red boxes inside the computer. Each box has two vertical parallel lights. Still lots of lights See picture. Red line which is cross all red boxes is a power supply wire for all lights. Yellow lines on the picture also power wires. According to him there are lots of power supply wires but it is hard to draw all and it will make his picture ugly.

There is a door, left down on the the picture. According to Eric this door will works like a switch. When three persons, who are working inside the computer, enter in to computer through a the door, all lights will lighted. (So he means that door will work like a switch. When u press the key board or give some input computer will start to work). On the right hand side there will be a computer screen that he forgot to draw. All power wires are connected to screen so he can still see purple and green lights on screen. Persons who are working in computer has a own red box.He will work only in that area. He has a chair with wheel. So he doesn't need to walk. :)

Yesterday he explained about four box. He has four boxes for different applications. He told me he needs more red boxes but paper was too small. So yet another box he has four red box for Bolibompa, SVT Play, Facebook Barnbuddy game and his favourite computer game site.

Eric needs to explain more. But I think he got confuse by him self.

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