VisibEL is a tangible map of Sweden modelling the electricity production. There are cities, placeable power plants and factories that can be connected to the power grid. It is an educational game which is based on scenarios. The main users are children between the ages of nine and twelve. By playing this game, children can learn about different types of power plants, how much energy they produce and how much they cost to build and run...
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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Result from the first meeting

  1. It is possible to leave the final project at school, but it should be robust
  2. The coming task for us is to visualize all ideas and explore them(compare them, combine...)
  3. We should focus on pedogogy term:; piaget(one person)->montisery; epiotemology -> learning. We need to read these papers then frame and understand our project.
  4. learning by doing, socialisation and construction (the concept behine project)
  5. figure out individule interste and do we want to do. We do this when Ake is here
  6. Peter gave us an example of building brige by seveal bolcks which show the invisable informaiton-forcement. (Force clocks-name of the project)
  7. Our goal is to build a physical object embeded computing.
Good luck to us!

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  1. Here is the link for Jean Piaget- on Child Psychology