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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Simulate sound

This is a "sound" project. Pressure sensors to create self induced sound and simulate walking on
different kinds of surfaces walking on grass, snow, glass.... Inpute sound will transmit to an Arduino controler(in a bag on shoulder) which simulate the sound.
There's a wireless technic called XBee. maybe we can think not only for this sound simulation. If you know the project been done in Ubiquitous computing - the Ikea light, they used XBee for changing lights remotely.

I like to create a project base on other projects' function which means that is possible to work with and fast to implement.


  1. Very interesting! Do you have a link to a article or paper about this?

  2. The paper name: Sonic Interaction in Virtual Reality. I have the paper but not the link.

  3. Final Report of STSM in COST Action IC0601 Sonic Interaction Design
    Sonic Interaction in Virtual Reality
    Birgit Gasteiger
    University of Music and Dramatic Arts Graz
    Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics